We offer the ability to exchange your property with another


Property exchange, the first time in Arabic Gulf and in the middle east there will be property Exchange.

These days selling your property is often a challenge. Many people try to exchange their property with other poeple. In Egypt Gulf we offer the servece of exchanging property, which gives the chance for everyone to exchange their own property Lands, House, Buildings …etc.

would like to exchange your property please contact us as soon as possible, we are the best.

Our rules

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Our Rules for posting your properties on our website

  • Publication of an announcement to sell, rent or invest the property will be through the site of Egypt Gulf

  • In case of sale, rent or investment property will be calculated 2% interest for the benefit of Egypt Gulf

  • Egypt Gulf will market the property through the site and social networking sites

  • Egypt Gulf Company follows the system of ownership of real estate or rent or investment, and conserves the rights of the parties in the purchase process with the ratification of all the necessary procedures for each process.

  • Egypt Gulf will provide full follow-up service to all official and legal procedures